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We ensure absolute security to protect your digital assets from cybercriminals who will be relentless in attempting to infiltrate your systems
> Truly one of the best firms that we hired to help us protect our web-based and mobile applications. Their reporting helped us plug holes that could have seriously dismantled our entire company and land us in legal troubles. We appreciate the consulting and testing White Hack Labs did. Without it, we would be vulnerable to cyber attacks.
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We work closely with developers and executives to help resolve complex cyber security hurdles so that your company assets remain safe and secure.

Merely reacting to cyber threats in this day and age is not beneficial to the long terms outlook for success. Too often, websites and mobile applications are built without considering proper security. It isn’t that the developers want to bypass this step, but it is more important to develop the outlet that will generate revenue. So, the race for completion becomes overwhelmingly in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, security is overlooked which causes later delays and issues that can completely disrupt the company and its goals. When it comes to coding to ensure secure environment teams sometimes set themselves up for failure, by the time the testing, beta and launch phase occurs it is sometimes too late, too expensive or overly burdensome to complete the features and functions that will ensure security.

This is where we come in. Our team can preemptively help eliminate headaches on new products as well as analyze, recommend and fix any issues with products that are already in the live environment. Simply being reactive to development is not the best way to handle any project much less one that is dealing with sensitive data, payment systems or any other entity that needs to be protected from security breaches. Security should be integrated over the entire SDLC and incorporate guidance from the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

WhiteHackLabs offers a full line of comprehensive application security assessments, risk management, and cyber security analysis to help your team identify vulnerabilities and address complex application security issues before they become an issue.

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