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Feb - 16

Web Vulnerabilities of 2020

Before we get started talking about those vulnerabilities um we’d like to take a step back and talk about why we need this webinar our goal is to keep you aware of the risk involved in running a digital service…

Sep - 30

Penetration Testing Black Box vs White Box

Penetration Testing is the great way to assess the security risks associated with your IT systems, identify security bugs in your software and infrastructure and improve your company’s security posture. However, it may be difficult to choose what type of…

Jul - 18

Instagram Account Takeover Vulnerability

Have you ever wondered how secure your Instagram account is against brute-force attacks? It turns out that until recently it would cost a tech-savvy hacker $150 to be able compromise any Instagram account. This vulnerability was recently discovered a security…

Nov - 28

Users’ BTC Wallet Private Keys Compromised

On November 26 a crypto payment company: BitPay has published a security advisory about compromised private keys for an undisclosed number of users of their wallet application: Copay. Private keys are used to access and spend crypto currency that the…

Oct - 16

Adding “Secure” to your SDLC

Have you ever asked you yourself one of the following questions: “Will the new features we are deploying withstand a cyber attack?” “How do we measure the level of security our Software platform has at any point of time?” “How…

Sep - 27

CVE-2018-17144 Bitcoin… That was close.

It all started with an innocent alt-coin contributor testing his code in his van by the beach. He noticed that some tests didn’t pass and alerted the Bitcoin core team. Bitcoin core team was quick to react and patch the critical…