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Saas penetration testing services to secure your cloud-based applications.
We ensure absolute security to protect your digital assets from cyber criminals who will be relentless in attempting to infiltrate your systems
Software as a Service (SAAS) platforms, integral to modern business operations, require rigorous security measures. SAAS Penetration Testing is crucial for identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities in these platforms, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.
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Merely reacting to cyber threats in this day and age is not beneficial to the long terms outlook for success. Too often, websites and mobile applications are built without considering proper security. It isn’t that the developers want to bypass this step, but it is more important to develop the outlet that will generate revenue. So, the race for completion becomes overwhelmingly in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, security is overlooked which causes later delays and issues that can completely disrupt the company and its goals. When it comes to coding to ensure secure environment teams sometimes set themselves up for failure, by the time the testing, beta and launch phase occurs it is sometimes too late, too expensive or overly burdensome to complete the features and functions that will ensure security.

This is where we come in. Our team can preemptively help eliminate headaches on new products as well as analyze, recommend and fix any issues with products that are already in the live environment. Simply being reactive to development is not the best way to handle any project much less one that is dealing with sensitive data, payment systems or any other entity that needs to be protected from security breaches. Security should be integrated over the entire SDLC and incorporate guidance from the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Common Vulnerabilities Identified During SAAS Penetration Testing:

  • IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference): A security flaw that allows attackers to access unauthorized data.

  • Stored Cross-Site Scripting (SCSS): Vulnerability enabling attackers to inject malicious scripts into web applications.

  • Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (RCSS): Occurs when malicious scripts are reflected off a web application to the user's browser.

  • DOM-based Cross-Site Scripting: A type of XSS where the attack payload is executed as a result of modifying the DOM.

  • HTTP Desync Attacks: Exploits inconsistencies in the processing of HTTP requests between different systems.

  • SQL Injection: Exploits user input when it's passed to the database, user input manipulation can lead to information disclosure, data corruption and even deletion.

  • Insecure HTTP Cookies: Lack of security controls in cookies can lead to data breaches.

  • Weak Password Policy: Inadequate password policies that can be easily exploited by attackers.

  • User Enumeration: External actors being able to enumerate all users on SAAS Platform

  • Weak Authentication Controls: Insufficient authentication mechanisms that fail to secure user access effectively.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile applications are essential for businesses and user engagement. Our Mobile App Penetration Testing services ensure the security of these applications against vulnerabilities.

App Penetration Testing

Our App Penetration Testing services provide comprehensive security assessments, risk management, and cybersecurity analysis for mobile applications. We focus on identifying vulnerabilities early, ensuring robust security from the development phase to deployment.

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