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With many companies migrating to the cloud and blockchain technology it is important to be ahead of the curve and secure your entities
White Hack Labs discover unique techniques that could be used to inflitrate your cloud or blockchain system and compromise customer data. Hiring a White Hacker will give you the most accurate report on your cyber-security stance against modern threats. We have deep expertise in cloud technology and modern cloud providers. our blockchain engagements include crypto-currency exchanges, DeFi protocols and smart contracts.
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Helping product teams create the perfect infrastructure to circumvent any issues in today’s shared cloud environment.

As with every new technology and corporate need addressing issues before they happen is ultimately the main goal. The cloud is essentially a public environment. This public availability means you have a bit less control than in traditional data centers. Security permissions, responsibilities and monitoring in the cloud is a sophisticated yet shared responsibility between the organization and the cloud service provider.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google, create a secure environment for you to place your service, but ultimately your company is responsible for securing the code, database, third-party services API’s, storage, communication messaging, email, etc. and anything else you either place on the cloud or connect to the cloud. Legally, your company is responsible for this, and the cloud service is not. You would be responsible for any security patches, scanning, vulnerability software, protection, data breaches, group firewall updates and configuration, and all management of the operating systems associated with your cloud service.

White Hack Labs can guide your company to quickly and securely navigate the security responsibilities associated with operating in an IaaS environment. This is the primary concern of our company is make sure your company makes intelligent and educated decisions when operating in a public environment.

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