Detecta AI is the new generation of offensive AI tools. It combines years of experience in offensive security with advanced reasoning skills. With minimal human supervision, Detecta allows businesses to perform penetration tests ensuring the best quality and maximum speed.

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Detecta AI uses Retrieval-Augmented Generation in combination with leading LLMs to formulate best-in-kind offensive security tactics when given a target. Starting with OSINT, Enumeration, Exploitation and ending with persistence, Detecta AI uses a hand-picked knowledge base consisting of expert tools and techniques to define the best next move in offensive security engagement.
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Watch Detecta AI perform a multi-step exploit for a vulnerable Jenkins Web Server.

Watch Detecta AI perform an authenticated scan, OWASP checklist and write security findings.

Watch Detecta perform Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on an org.

Detecta AI enables businesses to perform Penetration Tests on their systems faster and with in-depth quality.

Detecta will be launching in private beta in Summer 2024.
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Enroll in the Private BETA by leaving your contact information on this page. We will send you an enrollment survey. Enrolled companies will get access to Detecta AI Dashboard where they can set the scope of the engagement and monitor results.

Detecta AI enables businesses to perform Penetration Tests on their systems faster and with in-depth quality.

Detecta will be launching in private beta in Summer 2024.

Things to consider

Detecta AI is a novel technology. Each new thing brings new opportunities and risks. A high-level overview of pros and cons:


In-depth Coverage: Detecta AI finds bugs in areas that are often overlooked in manual testing, ensuring comprehensive security.

Efficiency: Automated processes allow for faster detection of vulnerabilities, reducing the time required for penetration testing.

Consistency: Detecta AI performs tests with consistent quality and accuracy, eliminating human errors that can occur in manual testing.

Scalability: Easily scalable to handle large and complex systems without the need for a proportional increase in manpower.

Continuous Monitoring: Capable of ongoing surveillance and regular updates to identify new vulnerabilities as they emerge.

Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for extensive manual labor, lowering overall costs associated with penetration testing.

Real-Time Analysis: Provides immediate insights and reports, allowing for quicker response and remediation of identified issues.



Complexity: The technology behind Detecta AI is complex, necessitating specialized knowledge for effective use and maintenance.

Resource Intensive: Running advanced AI tools can be resource-intensive, requiring substantial computational power.

Potential Over-reliance: Organizations might become over-reliant on AI tools, potentially neglecting the benefits of human intuition and experience in security testing.

Regular Updates Needed: AI tools require frequent updates to keep up with the evolving threat landscape, necessitating continuous maintenance and management.

Privacy Concerns: Extensive data collection and analysis by AI tools may raise privacy and data security concerns.


Frequently asked questions

When can I use Detecta to do a pentest for my company?

We are launching in private BETA this summer. Customers enrolled in private BETA will be able to perform pen-tests as often as they release new versions of their software. Public launch is planned by December 2024.

Does Detecta AI create a penetration test report?

Yes. Detecta AI creates an in-depth pentest report that generally contains more findings than a report from a manual pentest. The content of the report doesn't differ from a manual pentest report.

How much does it cost to use Detecta?

For private BETA launch, the pricing is based on number of applications in scope and frequency of releases. Each customer if required to sign an NDA to participate. Public launch pricing to be announced in November 2024.

How can I enroll into a Private Beta?

Get enrolled into Private BETA and test out the latest tech for your engagements.

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